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Video: Little Zach

This song is for my new third grandson, Zachary. Recorded at The Guitar Room in Whittier, CA on 5/4/10. The main riffs for this came from a garage sale personal jam session I was having with myself in Lolo's garage several months ago. Finally got this finished after checking out some really cool pictures of Zachary's birth which took place on 4/30/10. Hey little Zach . . . I owe you a cleaner version of this song so stayed tuned. Love You, Zachary

New Single: Seizure


Whoa—Curve Ball!

While crusin’ in the fast lane of our new life in early 2010, we hit several speed bumps (nocturnal seizures). Then, a surprise of a lifetime was discovered: a fairly large cerebral aneurysm was located near the base of my brain. After much drama involving our glorious healthcare system (see complete story), I decided to write this new song . . . Hope you like it! Read Full Story!

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