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Fred's Story

The Early Years – Through 2004

I was born in Southern California in the 1950’s and discovered music at a real young age. I recall listening to my Mom practice the pipe organ at church and getting chills while sitting in the empty church listening to the majestic sounds bouncing off the walls – I must have been four or five. Then, the Beatles came along. I would constantly listen to my Beatles records and sing along trying to sound like John Lennon. At age 11, I got my first guitar and my Mom signed me up for guitar lessons. I learned the basics before dropping out because I didn’t like reading music. As a young teen, I became totally infatuated with all of the classic rock tunes and bands of the late-sixties and early-seventies.

In 1970 at age 16, several friends and I started a garage band named “In Case of Fire” or “ICOF.” We played Rolling Stones, Beatles, early Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath – though quite crudely. It was December 1970 and ICOF’s first gig had arrived. Tom (now Arlo) pulled up to house in his family’s station wagon and while I was loading my equipment, I saw that Debbie had come along (since we were going to be playing at a local boy’s reform school, Tom had recruited several high school band chicks to dance with the convicts - cool). Off we went to entertain the unfortunate sons that ended up in reform school. What a gig! For the next year or so, ICOF continued to play at local school dances and had a blast.

I recall in February 1971 when a fellow band mate and I hitch hiked to Disneyland so we could meet up with two of the chicks that had joined us for the reform school gig. Yep – it was at this time that Debbie grabbed my hand (or did I grab hers first?). The rest is history. I had met up with my life-long best friend and true love.

Also in 1971, I got started in the fast food business and began working at a local restaurant. I ended up climbing through the corporate ranks at two restaurant chains during the next thirty-five years. Debbie and I got married right after high school in 1973 beginning our life together and started a family. During this time, I decided to drop out of the musician scene though I never lost touch with my passion for music. Through the years, our growing family always enjoyed listening to music, both classic rock and the new stuff as well.

Debbie and I enjoyed raising our two children (first a little boy and then a little girl). We especially had fun going to rock concerts as the kids were growing up.

With some coaching from Debbie, I re-discovered my love for composing and playing music in August 2001. She bought me a new guitar (on the Internet – cool) and I began cranking out love songs for my true love (29 of them by the end of 2002). Hence, my first album, “Songs From The Heart,” was born in late 2003. I was quite proud to make the first public debut of my music at our daughter’s (Lolo’s) wedding in January 2004. Lolo and I danced together to her song, Little Girl, as we wiped the tears from each other’s eyes.

Fred Relaxing

2005 to Present

In 2005, I began recording again at our new Eagle Studio up in beautiful Big Bear Lake, CA. As the years continued to fly by, I had developed a pile of new songs that were looking for a proper home. My second album, “Set Me Free” was released in 2006 and contained several themes: songs about my future release from “Corporate America” (though this was only a hallucination at the time), our first grandchild had arrived, our love for Big Bear Lake was in full blossom, and my life-long love, Debbie, continued to inspire my music.

In early 2008, I learned that I was about to receive the gift of time. My dream of strumming my life away had finally arrived! Good ol’ “Corporate America” decided that my time had come and they greased my wheels for an early retirement. Oh Yeah!

Without missing a beat, I got together with one of our son’s childhood buddies, Bryan, and we started practicing so we could play some live gigs. Since 2001, I had been solely focused on writing and recording my original music, and I hadn’t played a live gig or any covers since the early 70’s. Well, that was about to change. Bryan and I played our first live gig together at my retirement party in early February 2008. What a hoot!

By the fall of 2008, Bryan and I had played at several spots in Big Bear Lake, as well as in North OC. By early 2009, I decided it was time to start writing and recording once again. My “Second Life” was here and it needed a soundtrack!

Now in 2010, armed with my third album, “Second Life”, I have literally hit the street to start playing live again. I’ve now become “a regular” playing on the street in beautiful Big Bear Lake Village during the Summer season, as well as making appearances at local restaurants, on Big Bears’s Channel 6 TV and local radio station KBHR 93.3FM.

And, the best part of all . . . I am happy to have my life-long love and best friend, Debbie, right there by my side (my personal film crew, sound engineer, roadie etc.)!

Stay tuned for more music which is currently in the oven and THANKS for listening!

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